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Supermarket & Market Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

1.People are highly dense and mobile, indoor lighting, etc. produce high temperature environment, insufficient oxygen supply, air pollution, people are prone to dizziness, chest tightness, palpitation in a stuffy environment, and the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can easily induce colds.

2. The installation of central air-conditioning requires a large amount of equipment and engineering installation costs, and the high operating costs cause profit losses to operators.

3. The furniture store has a large space, and the density of passenger flow varies greatly due to working days and holidays, and the goods have certain requirements on humidity. The installation of central air conditioning requires a large investment, and the air in the closed environment has a strong odor. At the same time, the air is too dry. affect the quality of goods.

The Solution

1. The use of "Aolan" air coolers can achieve the functions of cooling, ventilating, and supplementing fresh air in high-density business sites during the high-temperature season in summer and eliminating odors. In other seasons, the exhaust function can be used to discharge indoor dirty air outdoors, creating a comfortable operating environment.

2. The investment in installing air coolers saves nearly 50% of energy compared to central air conditioners. Under certain temperature conditions, according to different environmental needs, setting refrigeration or ventilation, the operating costs are more than 80% more energy efficient than traditional air conditioners, which greatly improves the profit of the operators.

3. By installing "Aolan" air coolers for ventilation and cooling, the air has a certain moisture content, which not only meets the comfort requirements of customers but also ensures the quality of the goods.