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Automobile, Auto Parts Industry Case Display

Industry Overview

1. As an automobile complete vehicle/parts manufacturer, the workshop area is large, and the ventilation and cooling problem cannot be solved through traditional mechanical air conditioning.

2. The automobile manufacturing workshop has many equipment, large heat sources, high temperature in the workshop, and dirty air, which affects the working state of the workshop staff and reduces the work efficiency.

3.In the production process of the automobile tire manufacturing workshop, the high-temperature plastic refining produces unpleasant and harmful gases, which are easy to cause diseases and affect the physical and mental health of the workers. 

The Solution

1.By installing "Aolan" air cooler, it can reduce the temperature and heat, supply 100% fresh air, greatly improving the working environment of staff.

2. In the production workshop of automobile tires, install the "Aolan" air cooler for ventilation and cooling. In particular, the post cooling scheme has low cost and good effect, which can effectively improve the working environment of workers and improve work efficiency.