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Office & Hhome & Dormitory Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

1. In summer, the indoors are hot, the air is not ventilated, and the fresh air is not enough.

2. Using a fan to blow air can only speed up the air flow and cannot cool down; using a traditional air conditioner to cool down requires closing doors and windows, which is easy to breed bacteria and cause air conditioner diseases, and consumes a lot of energy and damages the environment.

The Solution

1. Using the "Aolan" air cooler can open doors and windows to form air convection, speed up indoor air circulation, and quickly cool down by 5-15°C.

2. Used in conjunction with traditional air conditioners, it can ensure fresh indoor air and avoid air drying caused by the use of air conditioners.

3. The use of "Aolan" air coolers has low power and low energy consumption. The power consumption of the same area is 1/10 of that of traditional air conditioners. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is a "zero-emission air conditioner" in the true sense.