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Food & Beverage Processing Industry Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

Food and beverage processing is a labor-intensive industry. High temperature and peculiar smell are the main characteristics of its production workshop. Especially in the cooking workshop, dry fruit frying workshop and spicy seasoning workshop, abnormal high temperature, the smell is pungent, and the working environment of workers is difficult.

The Solution

1. Install "Aolan" Evaporative air cooler to meet the requirements of cooling, heat removal, ventilation, dust prevention and odor removal.

2. For some jobs with particularly bad environment, the combination of cold air transmission and exhaust shall be adopted to solve the problems of local cooling and post cooling. In addition, air purification and dust-proof treatment can be added to the system configuration to achieve primary, medium and high-efficiency dust removal effect, so as to meet the production process requirements of food, beverage, meat and other processing industries and ensure food hygiene and safety.