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Packaging & Printing Industry Ventilation and Cooling Cases

Industry Overview

1. The high calorific value of the equipment in the packaging and printing industry, coupled with the strong stimulation of the printing ink taste, has caused a high temperature and peculiar smell environment in the printing workshop, causing workers to be restless, affecting their health, and resulting in a decline in efficiency.  

2. In the high temperature environment and rainy season, due to the softening of the ink, the printed matter adheres, which affects the printing process and is easy to cause a large number of waste products.

The Solution

1. The "Aolan" evaporative air cooler can realize real-time fresh air ventilation, discharge the turbid air in the workshop out of the room while supplementing fresh air, solve the problems of indoor hot gas emission and odor removal, and quickly improve the air environment of the workshop.

2. "Aolan"  evaporative air cooler can quickly improve the humid and hot environment of the printing workshop, avoid the adhesion of printing materials, ensure the requirements of printing process, reduce defective products and improve work efficiency.