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Construction, Chemical Industry and Plastic Processing Industry Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

1. During the firing process, the ceramic production workshop produces post temperature reaches 35-50 ° C and flying dust, which is easy to cause high temperature heatstroke and other personal injuries to workers.

2. In some abnormal high-temperature positions, high-temperature and anoxic environment of more than 50 ° C, workers cannot work for a long time, and needs work shift frequently, which affects the stability of the position and reduces work efficiency.

3. Toxic gas and peculiar smell produced in the production process of chemical, plastic and other production workshops. It is very easy to stimulate people's eyes and respiratory tract, causing eye and respiratory system diseases and endangering human health.

The Solution

1. "Aolan" air cooler adopts the method of large volume fresh air cooling, which can reduce the temperature of the workshop by 5-15 ℃ in a short time, and discharge toxic gases and odors, effectively improving the working environment of the workshop.

2. By using the air cooler for 100% fresh air working, it can increase the moisture content in the air, reduce dust floating and diffusion, and improve the air quality of the workshop environment.

3. By improving the working environment, workers can avoid occupational diseases, stabilize the workforce and improve work efficiency. The solution has the advantages of less investment, good effect and low operation cost.