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Electromechanical & Machinery Manufacturing Industry Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

1. Most of the electronic, mechanical, welding and other dry and hot production workshops, working in the high-temperature thermal radiation environment will lead to body temperature regulation disorder, which is easy to cause occupational heatstroke.

2. Research data show that under high temperature environment, people's reaction speed and computing ability will significantly decline; In the environment above 35 ℃, people's abilities are only 70% of those under normal circumstances. It shows low mood and reduced work efficiency.

3. Some electromechanical and mechanical production workshops are large in area but few person, requiring ventilation and cooling for specific jobs to meet the comfort requirements of operating workers.

4. Some special production parts require strong wind, ventilation and cooling, and odor elimination.

The Solution

1. After installing the "Aolan" air cooler, the dry and hot environment of the workshop can be quickly improved, and the temperature in the workshop can be reduced by 5-15% C in a few minutes.

2. Provide 100% fresh air operation, improve the working environment, improve human comfort, and improve work efficiency. Reduce the defective products in the production process and maintain the high quality of products.

3. By installing the "Aolan" air cooler, the moisture content in the air can be appropriately increased. The electrostatic problem caused by air drying in the electronic production workshop can be solved to meet the production process requirements.