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Logistics Warehouse Cooling

Industry Overview

1. The goods stored in the logistics storage area are dense. In summer, the high temperature in the warehouse adds peculiar smell, resulting in the deterioration of the quality of the goods.

2. With the increasing diversification of logistics goods, some special goods often fail to meet the requirements of humidity in the warehouse, resulting in quality problems such as cracking, drying and warping.

3. Under the high temperature environment, the warehouse automation management equipment is difficult to operate normally, which reduces the flow efficiency of the warehouse.

The Solution

1. Use "Aolan" air cooler to ventilate and cool the warehouse, remove heat, dust and odor, maintain the fresh storage environment of the warehouse, and ensure the quality and safety of the stored goods.

2.The "Aolan" air cooler can properly maintain the humidity of the warehouse, ensure the storage safety of special items, and improve the use efficiency of the warehouse.