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Vegetable and Fruit Greenhouse Ventilation and Cooling Case

Industry Overview

In the high temperature season, heat and dryness are the most unsafe factors in greenhouse production, and the measures of airtight cooling not only consume energy but also affect the growth and development of plants. Therefore, to bring outdoor fresh air, adjustment of the temperature in the greenhouse, and maintaining suitable temperature and humidity conditions are the most basic conditions for safe production and high yield and high efficiency.

The Solution (Evaporative Pad and Exhaust Fan Cooling System)

The Aolan Evaporative pad and exhaust fan cooling system cools and humidifies the air to make the air meet the appropriate conditions and meet the requirements of temperature, humidity, wind speed and cleanliness in the shed. According to the different conditions of the greenhouse, a suitable fan can be installed on the wall opposite the pad to make the air flow smoothly through the greenhouse. In order to achieve the effect of uniform temperature in the greenhouse.

Project Photos of Evaporative Pad and Exhaust Fan Cooling System