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Spraying Plant

Industry Overview

In spraying plants, printing plants, glue debugging workshops and other places, a low-humidity environment is required in the process. However, due to factors such as strong odor, dust, and strong pollution in the working environment, it is impossible to recover heat from the exhaust air. The traditional Refrigeration dehumidifying method requires reheating after dehumidifying to reach the point of air supply. This method consumes a lot of energy. How to reduce the energy consumption of dehumidifying equipment and low-energy dehumidifying solutions have become the main factors in the industry to control costs. 

Case Introduction

The spraying workshop of a small shipyard in Indonesia is located on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, with heavy rainfall, high temperature and high humidity. The workshop area is about 1000m2. Outdoor working conditions: 35℃DB/60%RH, indoor working conditions: 26℃DB/60%RH, Air treatment type: Fresh Air Unit, using Low Humidity Air Desiccant Unit.

Model: AHLD-DF03

Airflow: 3000m³/h

Dehumidifying capacity: 40kg/h

Equipment power: 9kw

Quantity: 4 

Operating conditions: This project was installed and used in May 2015, and the system has been operating in good condition. Compared with the previous Refrigeration dehumidifying system, it saves more than 50% of electricity, which saves a lot of energy consumption for users and reduces the operation and maintenance cost of the spraying workshop.