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Bus Station

Industry Overview

People-intensive buildings, such as bus stations or train station waiting rooms, are characterized by high personnel density, large indoor humidity, and high demand for fresh air. Traditional air-conditioning systems consume a lot of energy, especially in the summer season of high temperature and high humidity. Most of the cooling capacity is used to deal with fresh air and indoor humidity load, resulting in insufficient sensible heat capacity and reduced comfort. 

The independent control concept of temperature and humidity of solution adsorption dehumidification and evaporator processing sensible heat provides a more energy-saving and comfortable air-conditioning design scheme for densely populated buildings such as stations and airports. The Heat Recovery Type Fresh Air Desiccant Unit uses salt solutions such as lithium chloride and lithium bromide as the working medium, and uses the characteristics of low vapor pressure on the surface of the salt solution to absorb the moisture in the air to achieve the purpose of dehumidification; the unit comes with a heat pump condenser end to exhaust heat for solution heating Regeneration does not need to increase additional energy consumption; the high temperature cold source at the evaporator end only needs to process the sensible heat of the air, and the cooling efficiency of the heat pump is greatly improved.

Project Introduction

A new large-scale bus station is built in a city, with a construction area of 108,600 m² and a maximum design capacity of 10,000 people. The city is located in southern China, with high temperature and high humidity in the rainy season. The number of days in which the wet bulb temperature is higher than 28℃ is more than 110 days. The latent heat load is the main consumption of the cooling capacity of the air-conditioning system of the project. The Heat Recovery Type Fresh Air Desiccant Unit is matched with a magnetic levitation chiller. The Fresh Air Desiccant Unit dehumidifies and cools the fresh air to 3.5g/kg, and feeds it into the room at 20°C, increases the indoor circulating airflow, improves the indoor dehumidifying efficiency, and keeps the room dry. The chiller only operates in the high temperature area, which greatly improves the cooling efficiency. The salt solution has the characteristics of non-volatile and strong stability, and also has the ability to kill microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, which can purify the air and provide high-quality indoor air.