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Gymnasium Canteen Application Case

Industry Overview

School canteens, gymnasiums and other large space areas have large spaces, a certain degree of openness, dense crowds, large demand for fresh air, and high allowable values for wind speed and temperature. Minimizing the use of mechanical refrigeration systems, reducing energy consumption, and increasing fresh air volume have become a good application requirement.

Aolan Energy Saving Solution Advantages

Aolan provides evaporative cooling wind side solutions for large public spaces such as gymnasiums.

The evaporative cooling wind side solution adopts Aolan evaporative cooling air-conditioning unit. The outdoor fresh air is directly fed into the room after filtering and evaporative cooling treatment, which saves the energy loss of intermediate energy conversion. The temperature is low, the power consumption is only 15%~40% of the power consumption of the mechanical air conditioning system, the fresh air cooling operation, healthy and environmentally friendly, and the investment and operation and maintenance costs are low.

Project Introduction

The Aolan evaporative cooling combined air-conditioning unit is used as a new air cooling system in the gymnasium, canteen and other areas of a school in the west. A total of 8 Aolan evaporative cooling combined air-conditioning units are selected for this project. The total air supply volume is 360000m3/h。

In this project, the power consumption of the air-conditioning system during the cooling period of the evaporative cooling system is 4.45kWh/m2. Compared with the traditional mechanical air-conditioning, the saving rate is over 75%.