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Public Medical System Application Case 1

Industry Overview

With the continuous improvement of public health undertakings, hospital infection prevention and control work has been paid more and more attention. In the hospital's outpatient hall, large waiting area, children's medical activity center, public medical street and other medium and large open areas, due to the dense crowds, the air conditioning load is heavy. When using traditional central air-conditioning design, in order to save energy, it can only be designed according to the minimum fresh air volume. The experience of patients and their families is very bad, and the voice of worrying about hospital infection is getting stronger and stronger. Increasing the volume of fresh air and reducing the energy consumption of air-conditioning have become the urgent problems to be solved in the design of air-conditioning systems. Therefore, making full use of natural cold sources, especially in areas with abundant dry air energy such as the northwest, the application of evaporative cooling and energy-saving technology in this field has been increasingly vigorously applied promotion.

Aolan Energy Saving Solution Advantages

Aolan provides indirect evaporative air side solutions for the hospital's outpatient hall, large waiting area, children's medical activity center, public medical street and other open areas of medium and large universities.

The evaporative wind side solution adopts Aolan direct/indirect evaporative cooling air-conditioning fresh air unit. The outdoor fresh air is filtered and dew point indirect evaporative cooling treatment and then directly sent to indoor use, saving the energy loss of intermediate energy conversion. In the northwest low dew point temperature area, The supply air temperature of the equipment can be close to that of the mechanical air conditioner, but the power consumption is only 20%~45% of the power consumption of the mechanical air conditioning system, which not only meets the requirements of fresh air in winter and summer, but also provides comfortable and fresh air with fresh air for the transition season surroundings.

Project Introduction

Aolan composite dew point indirect evaporative combined air-conditioning unit is used as a fresh air unit in a large open area such as a public medical street on the outpatient floor of a hospital complex in the northwest, providing the public medical street on all floors with fresh air ventilation and cooling comfort and cooling in summer and transitional seasons. A clean air environment that provides supplementary fresh air that meets basic requirements in winter. This project selects 3 Aolan dew point indirect evaporative cooling combined air conditioning units, the total fresh air volume of the equipment: 60000m3/h

Data analysis and comparison: total power consumption of equipment during cooling period kW.h/ m2

In this project, the power consumption of the air-conditioning system during the cooling period of the evaporative cooling system is 16.9kWh/m2, which saves 76% of energy consumption compared with the traditional mechanical air-conditioning.