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High-Speed Railway Station Cooling

Industry Overview

High-speed rail stations, airports, long-distance bus stations and other entry halls, waiting areas, exit corridors, etc., have strong openness, large space, dense crowds, long use time, increase the supply of fresh air, and provide energy-saving and consumption-reducing cooling measures. become an urgent problem. Therefore, making full use of natural cold sources, especially in the northwest and other areas with abundant dry air energy, using evaporative cooling products as air treatment equipment in these fields to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction, has been included in HVAC design specifications, and is increasingly promoted.

Aolan Energy Saving Solution Advantages

Aolan provides fresh air evaporative cooling wind side solutions for large open spaces in public transportation.

The evaporative cooling wind side solution adopts Aolan evaporative cooling air-conditioning unit. The outdoor fresh air is directly fed into the room after filtering and evaporative cooling treatment, eliminating the energy loss of intermediate energy conversion. In the northwest and other low wet bulb temperature areas, the equipment supply air temperature Low power consumption, the power consumption is only 15%~40% of the power consumption of the mechanical air conditioning system, the fresh air cooling operation is healthy and environmentally friendly, and the investment and operation and maintenance costs are low.

Project Introduction

Aolan evaporative cooling combined air-conditioning units are used as ventilation and cooling equipment in open areas such as the passenger departure area and taxi waiting area of a high-speed railway station in the west, providing passengers with a comfortable and fresh air environment. A total of 12 Aolan evaporative cooling combined air-conditioning units were selected for this project, with a total air supply volume of 470,000m³/h.