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Airport Station & Subway Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

1.Open public places are crowded with people, dirty air, large personnel flow, and unable to be completely sealed, and the use of central air conditioning requires a large investment, high energy consumption but poor use effect.

2.The semi-closed airport waiting hall, dense personnel, insufficient fresh air, easy to make people feel unwell, and increase the risk of disease transmission.

The Solution

1. Install "Aolan" air cooler to meet the requirement of open public places. It can operate with fresh air without closing doors and windows. It can not only quickly cool down, ventilate, supplement fresh air, and increase air oxygen content, but also improve the comfort of passengers in public places.

2. The investment of installing "Aolan" air cooler is only 1/2 of that of central air conditioners, which can save more than 80% of operating costs.

3. The installation of "Aolan" air coolers requires less investment and can achieve rapid cooling and instant use. 100% fresh air for the whole place, save energy without wasting.