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Gymnasiums, Exhibition Halls and Libraries Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

1.Open public places are crowded with people, dirty air, large personnel flow, and unable to be completely sealed, and the use of central air conditioning requires a large investment, high energy consumption but poor use effect.

2. Semi enclosed exhibition halls, libraries, gymnasiums and other areas are densely populated and lack of fresh air, which is easy to make people feel unwell and increase the risk of disease transmission.

3. The conference hall, auditorium and other places which have large space with low frequency of use. The central air conditioner has a large investment but with low frequency of use. It requires a long time of pre-cooling to start, resulting in great waste.

The Solution

1. Install "Aolan" air cooler to meet the requirement of open public places. It can operate with fresh air without closing doors and windows. It can not only quickly cool down, ventilate, supplement fresh air, and increase air oxygen content, but also improve the comfort of the audience in public places.

2. The investment in installing the "Aolan" air cooler is only 1/2 of that of the central air cooler, which can save more than 80% of the operating cost too.

3.Install the "Aolan" air cooler, with less investment, which can realize rapid cooling and instant use. Fresh air in the whole house, energy saving without waste.