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Lei Chengcai,Deputy Director of Fuzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Lead a Team to Visit Aolan for Investigation


On July 20, 2022, Lei Chengcai,Deputy Director of Fuzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee lead a team to visit Aolan to investigate and inspect the enterprise.

Occupy the Overall Thinking, Focus On Long-term Planning

At the symposium,Chairman Huang introduced the operation and future planning of Aolan to director Lei. Chairman Huang said affected by the international political situation, the global epidemic and the fluctuation of raw material prices, the enterprise has encountered some difficulties in its operation. However, Aolan is actively exploring new application fields such as data center, and has made some progress.

Director Lei heard this and said, "there is no turning back in doing business, and entrepreneurs need to keep forging ahead. Aolan is currently a leading enterprise in the evaporative cooling industry.However, we still need to be prepared for danger in times of peace and continue to tap development space.Only by constantly studying the industry technology can we stabilize the industry position for a long time.

After hearing this, Chairman Huang said with a smile, "Aolan has been actively developing new application scenarios and vigorously exploring the application of evaporative cooling technology in more fields with the help of the national 'Dual Carbon' target policy. In addition, we also cooperate with many well-known universities to continuously improve technology and create more advantageous products. These are all to ensure that Aolan remains at the leading level in the evaporative cooling industry.

Pay Attention To the Enterprise Actuality and Solve Key Problems

Director Lei also asked Chairman Huang about the specific problems that need to be solved in the operation process. Chairman Huang replied: "the existing series of products of Aolan can help achieve the energy saving and emission reduction goals of the data center and other industries in our province. We hope that the government can take the lead to introduce and recommend Aolan products to enterprises with energy saving and emission reduction needs, so as to promote more cooperation opportunities. 

Director Lei agreed with Chairman Huang's suggestion very much and said that he would certainly help facilitate everyone's exchange and discussion and jointly build a harmonious environment for the development of Fujian enterprises.

Make Persistent Efforts to Develop and Have the Courage to Forge Ahead

After the symposium, Director Lei and his team also visited the Aolan exhibition hall and saw the development achievements of Aolan in the past 20 years. Director Lei said with great satisfaction: "the development and progress of Aolan is steady. In the future, we should not forget our original intention and continue to explore. The development of science and technology depends on the courage to innovate. With such a gene, Aolan will be better in the future.

Chairman Huang thanked Director Lei for his recognition and encouragement of the development of Aolan, and said that "we will live up to the support and trust of all leaders. And will lead Aolan into a broader world, so that evaporative cooling technology with energy-saving and eco-friendly characteristics can better serve China's economic construction and help achieve the national 'Dual Carbon' goal".