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There Is Always Love Everywhere-the Rice Dumplings of Aolan Warm Your Heart


On the afternoon of June 1, 2022, the first " Making Rice Dumplings Competition " of Aolan was kicked off under the organization of human resources department.

Early in the morning of June 1, the staff started all the preparations before the game early, cleaning reed leaves, washing and cutting meat, preparing glutinous rope, and arranging the venue.Zhao Yanfeng and Huang Yuan from the administrative center and the quality center were specially take out from their busy work to assist this activity. With the concerted efforts of the staff, more than 1000 reed leaves, 60 catty glutinous rice, bacon, egg yolk, mushrooms, peanuts, red bean paste , glutinous rope, competition venues and other preparations were finally completed in 2.5 hours.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Li Jiejing, HR director, announced the official start of the competition. On the premise of arranging their work, employees from all departments of Aolan successively gathered on the first floor of the canteen to show their skills and complete works in fragrance of reed leaf.

Discuss the topic of technical proficiency,It’s HR Manager Cao, Huang Mumei and You Huiqinf rom No.1 workshop. Liu Erjuan of the production management department, Zhao Yanfeng, Huang Xiaoyi, Cheng Mengsi of the Quality Center, Zheng Meilan of the General Manager's Office, Chi Xiufeng of the Evaporative Cooling sales center, Yu Meilin of the Cooling pad sales center ,they are also unwillingly shows weakness. There are also enthusiastic partners such as Li Zhaoju, Zhang Jiaxiu, Lin Yu and Wang Zhenzhi, A wonderful interpretation of reed leaves and ingredients was performed for us, and the warmest rice dumpling and feelings were presented to all employees of Aolan.

A string of fragrant dumplings, with sweet together, with you and me, sweet and healthy!

The first Aolan traditional Chinese rice-pudding making competition was successfully concluded in a full of fragrance of reed leaf. More than 700 finished products will be processed by the canteen staff and distributed to all employees of Aolan to share this holiday delicacy!