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Weng Guobin, Deputy Director of Fujian Securities Regulatory Bureau, Led a Team to Visit Aolan to Investigate the Operation of Key Provincial Listed Backup Enterprises


The Research Team of Securities Regulatory Bureau Visited Aolan and Had a Discussion to Know the Situation of Enterprise

On May 27, 2022, Weng Guobin, deputy director of Fujian Securities Regulatory Bureau,, and his delegation visited Aolan to investigate the listing work. Chairman Huang Hualing of Aolan had an in-depth discussion with Deputy director Weng.

At the meeting, Deputy director Weng listened enterprise business report of Chairman Huang and affirmed the business planning and capital plan of Aolan. At the same time, he also put forward two request for the preparation of listing of Aolan. First, we must establish the awareness of standardized management, maintain a down-to-earth original intention. Practice hard, specialize in own technology, and continuously improve the ability of sustainable management, make the listing will be "a matter of course";

Second, we should have a full understanding of the long-term and systemic understanding. Listing is a long-term and systematic work, which is not achieved overnight. We should abandon the idea of quick success and instant benefit, and steady progress through overall planning.

Leaders Give Expectations and Aolan Keep in Mind to Stick To It

Then, accompanied by Chairman Huang and Director LAN, the research team visited the Aolan exhibition hall.

During the visiting, Chairman Huang introduced the core products of Aolan to deputy director Wen. Which are fire-proof, mildew proof and humidifying fillers specially used in the data room and evaporative cooling equipment was applied to the energy-saving transformation of the data center 

Chairman Huang said, "Aolan always adheres to independent research and development, actively explores new markets and expands the field of technology application. We hope to build Aolan into a leading brand in the field of global air treatment."

After hearing this, deputy director Weng said, "the vision of Aolan is great. Our manufacturing industry needs a combination of ambition and practical development. The more such enterprises in the market, the healthier our development will be. I believe that Aolan will successfully achieve its listing goal if it persists."