Deep Dehumidifying Cooling Units
Deep dehumidifying units introduction

Deep dehumidifier units are mainly used in factories or warehouses which requires low humidify, such as pharmacy,electronics, biologicals, Lithium-ion battery, food processing, military use,etc. 


Applicable Condition

Outdoor Environment Temperature:-5℃-40℃;

Indoor Relative Humidity:20%-50%;

Working Principle



1) Fashionable and attractive structure, easy installation and maintenance. Sections can be combined freely with different functions

2) International quality, stable running

※The running parts we adopt, including cooling parts, controlling components, pump, fan, etc, are coming from international famous brands, thus the quality is ensured;

※ Intelligent control, human-computer interface and standard communication protocol with high accuracy

3) Professional design for anti-corrosion and rust-proof ensures long working life

※ Heat exchanger is made of pure titanium pope, never rust;

※ The units are closed to avoid assault from mouse ,insects, etc;

※ Water tank is injection molding by PP, and the pope system is PRR seamless welded and the liquid will never leak

4)High-end optional configuration, strong applicability

※ With dehumidification accelerator inside, by using its won heating, it will accelerate the dehumidifying speed when the units on

※ With dehumidification regeneration balancer, there is no need to fill water outside to avoid the water softened.

Dimension Drawing
Installation Foundation Diagram
Model Selection Notes