Korean company IMH visited Aolan to discuss cooperation matters
Author:AOLAN Time:2017-06-09 | Enterprise news Read: 617     

June 1, 2017,the representative of Korean IMH company have come to Aolan(Fujian)Industry Co.,Ltd.The meeting is talk about the cooperation in the field of air purification.

Korean IMH company is spinoff from Samsung and focused on healthcare business for human & animals. The products of IMH company have been through many times test, at the same time it will launch many new test reports every year.

For IMH company,this time to visit Aolan is not only aim to show his advantages in the field of air purification, but also want to find out best solution use their own technologies of Plasma Ion generator combined Aolan evaporative air cooler for many kind of applications.Finally to make a win-win cooperation.


Mr.Chen (the vice president of Aolan) warmly reception the Korean company representatives, and say that hope the Aolan can make a good cooperation with IMH company.Especially in the field of air purification and evaporative cooling can achieve substantive progress in cooperation, enhance the international market competitiveness of the two companies.