Fuzhou TV Interview: Aolan Green Air Cooler being sold to global !Aiming to be the line leader!
Author:AOLAN Time:2017-05-17 | Enterprise news Read: 678     

Recently, Fuzhou TV Fuzhou news column reported Aolan Green Air Cooler being sold to golbal! Aiming to be the line leader. This report was forwarded by CCTV, Fuzhou news network and other mediums, which brings much focus and praise from the majority of viewers and e-pal.

At present, government pay much attention to energy-saving and eco-friendly, people's awareness of environmental is also growing day by day.

Consequently, energy-saving and environmental evaporative air coolers are more and more recognized by many factories, shops and families.


During the interview, the general manager, Hualin Huang introduced our newly developed coolers, and show full confidience to the new products going to market.


As the first brand of evaporative air coolers in China, Aolan always focus on R&D and the application of evaporative cooling, and devotes to the national enersy-saving and environmental protection for more than 10 years.