The visits AOLAN
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  In recent years,Aolan (Fujian)Industry Co., Ltd. integrates media resources, expands media propaganda, and remains to have a high-density exposure rate. In 2011,Aolan makes full use of  industry media and mass media as communicating platform.With the promulgating of evaporative air conditioners national standards,the use of the national comprehensive performance laboratory, the turning point of the other major news events and the increasing "event marketing" effects, Aolan sets up a good brand image. Because of the high density of the exposure rate, Aolan attracts CCTV、 and the central media attention.
   Hercynian Pioneer Activity, a program of,visited Aolan and made two days comprehensive report. as the CCTV official website is the China central focus news site. It has the formidable credibility、persuasion and influence. The has a strong media responsibility. The theme is "looking into pioneer power, seting up an  example for others", The hercynian pioneer activity is to comprehensive scan the hercynian industry and analyse fujian each brand enterprise as the role of Hercynian building for the economic development.
   That the visits Aolan will greatly improve Aolan evaporative air conditioners popularity and enhance the brand effect. More people will know evaporative air conditioners and gradually accept evaporative refrigeration as a new kind of energy conservation and environmental protection refrigeration way. In the background of China  developing energy conservation environmental protection industry, it will help Aolan continuously develope and promote evaporation refrigeration industry overall development, promote the channel hercynian economic construction, finally realize the whole social sustainable development.
The visits  Aolan and interviews HuangHuaLing chairman

The visits Aolan and  interviews HuangXiang professor

The visits AOLAN and focuses on national lab of evaporative air conditioner