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Cattle Farm Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

With the rapid development of large-scale cattle farming, a good environment can maximize the production potential of cattle and improve the health level of cattle. Whether the ambient temperature in the cattle house is suitable in the hot summer plays a decisive role in maintaining the stability of the reproductive performance of the male and female cattle. The cattle house environmental control is a systematic project. The Aolan Evaporative pad and exhaust fan cooling system is dedicated to the application in the field of animal husbandry, which can effectively solve the air problem of cattle farms.

The Solution (Evaporative Pad and Exhaust Fan Cooling System)

The Aolan Evaporative pad and exhaust fan cooling system is a reliable solution for environmental control in large-scale cattle farms, which can adjust the temperature and humidity of the air in the house while ensuring the fresh air in the house. Provide a comfortable growth environment for breeding cattle and improve breeding efficiency.

Project Photos of Evaporative Pad and Exhaust Fan Cooling System