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Chicken Farm Ventilation and Cooling

Industry Overview

In order to improve the breeding efficiency, chicken farms have put forward higher requirements for the temperature, humidity and air quality in the chicken house. The evaporative pad and fan cooling system using natural cooling source is considered to be a very suitable choice, which can ensure the temperature, humidity and ventilation requirements in the chicken house and promote the healthy growth of chickens.

The Solution (Evaporative Pad and EXhaust Fan Cooling System)

1. The Evaporative pad and exhaust fan cooling system in the chicken house is composed of a cooling pad wall, an exhaust fan and an environmental controller. Using the principle of water evaporation to absorb air heat, the outdoor fresh air passes through the cooling pad surface under the action of the exhaust fan. After being cooled by heat absorption, it is sent to the house, mixed with the hot and humid air in the house, and then discharged to the outside through the exhaust fan. At the same time, the dust in the air will also be adsorbed and discharged by the pad, thus maintaining a fresh and cool environment in the house. This scheme can effectively increase the feed intake of farmed chickens, reduce abnormal mortality, and improve breeding efficiency.

2. The evaporative pad and fan cooling system is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with a simple structure and low cost. The system equipment investment is about 5%~30% of the mechanical air-conditioning equipment, the operating electricity cost is about 5%~20% of the mechanical air-conditioning system, and the maintenance cost is low. The service life can be more than 5 years.

Project Photos of Evaporative Pad and Exhaust Fan Cooling System