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Tobacco Warehouse

Industry Overview

Tobacco alcoholization is an effective means to improve the quality of tobacco leaves. To ensure the alcoholization effect, the indoor temperature and humidity of tobacco aging warehouses need to be strictly controlled. According to "Design Specifications for Tobacco and Tobacco Products Warehouse YC/T 205-2006", the tempering temperature of red-cured cigarettes should be 10-30℃, and the relative humidity should be 55-65%. The traditional air-conditioning design method generally adopts Refrigeration dehumidifying units. First, the heat pump air-conditioning unit is used to directly cool and dehumidify the air, because the temperature after dehumidifying is too low, and then the air needs to be re-heated. The traditional refrigeration and dehumidifying methods have problems such as low refrigeration efficiency and high energy consumption. Aolan Liquid Type Central Air Conditioner with full heat recovery uses advanced LDAC technology to separate and independently control air temperature and humidity, which greatly reduces the latent heat treatment load of air-conditioning heat pump, improves refrigeration efficiency and saves energy.

Project Introduction

A tobacco alcoholization warehouse in Fujian has a total of 4 storeys with a floor height of 5.6 meters and a total construction area of 13442 m². The design requires that the indoor temperature is ≤28°C and the relative humidity is ≤70%, and 8 sets of Aolan Fresh Air Desiccant Air Handling units of 45000m³/h are used. The operation of the unit is divided into three modes: ventilation, cooling and dehumidifying, and deep dehumidifying. According to the different increasing speed of indoor temperature and humidity load, the unit automatically switches between three modes. The salt solution has a strong hygroscopic capacity, and the solution regeneration can use the low temperature heat rejection of the condenser. When the unit heat pump is selected and calculated, most of the cooling capacity can be used as a sensible heat load for processing and design, which improves the cooling efficiency of the heat pump and reduces the energy consumption. Compared with the traditional Refrigeration dehumidifying Unit, the LDAC air handling technology eliminates the cold and heat offset caused by reheating in the refrigeration and dehumidifying, and uses a high-temperature cold source to treat the indoor sensible heat, reducing the system energy consumption by more than 40%; Condensate water, reduce the growth of mold, and the salt solution itself can kill more than 90% of the bacteria in the air, improve the air quality of the supply air, and improve the alcoholization conditions of tobacco leaves.