Use, Maintenance & Notice
In order to increase the service life of the air cooler, it needs some maintenance when using.
1.Please check before start the cooler
  ■ Please check the power supply is correctly connected.
      ■ Please check the earth wire is connected correctly. Make sure that the leakage protection switch can work.
      ■ Please check the power is connected tightly with control box. Make sure that phase lines are connected right.
      ■ Please check the water can enter the tank normally.
      ■ Please check whether the water level is among 80-100. And check the valve works.
 Please check the venture is connected right to the fan. 
■ Please check the drain valve can work. 
■ Please clean the chores in the pan.
■ Please check the pump and fan can work.
 Please check the motor can work.
Notes for operating machines
 Before start the machine, please check the power supply.
■ No fire close to the outside cooler. When having a thunder, it’s better to cut off the power supply.
■ Without special conditions, it’s better to turn off the power supply when no one works in order to make the air cooler have a rest.
 Before turning off the machine, please first shut down the controller and then power. Remember that do not directly turn off the power when the machine is still running.
■ If the evaporative air coolers can not cool or ventilate when using, you need to check the troubles shown on the controller and turn off the cooler and call the service persons.
2. Please have a check and clean the evaporative air cooler when you don’t use it for a while. The following are the instructions of cleaning the air cooler:
 Open the side panel
■ Take out thimble and setting-up piece.
■ Seperate the cooling pad and side cover.
■ Clean the cooling pad with tap water, but not large pressure.
■ Clean the tank and open the drain valve to dry the tank.
■ After cleaning, close the water valve.
 Install the side panel and start ventilating to make the cooling pads and tank dry.
■ Hood the dust cover of the cooler.
■ Shut down the power supply.