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Time: 2019 - 02 - 21
Working Principle: Outdoor air is filtered and cooled to become fresh and cool air, and then delivered indoor. At the same time, the indoor turbid hot air is exhausted outside. Thus, the air is cooled and exchanged with adding oxygen level indoor.Characteristics:1.Best cooling effects can be achieved based on reasonable design (supply air temperature difference could be 5-15℃ in different climates)2.Using high efficiency evaporative cooling pads with best cooling effects, the evaporation efficiency reaches to 90%3.Using standard controller, easy operation with 3 speeds optional4.Using auto-control water system with open-type water distribution, water flow is smooth and not easy to block.5.Compared to conventional compressed central air cons, less investment, lower energy consumption&#...
On the morning of January 27, 2021, Aolan (Fujian) Industrial Co., Ltd.'s 2020 work summary and commendation meeting was held at the Fuzhou headquarters. All the employees of Aolan Company attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Lan Jinsheng, assistant to the general manager.Chairman Huang Hualing gave a work report entitled 'New Marketing, New Strategy, New Aolan'.2020 is a very extraordinary year. In the face of the new crown epidemic that has swept the world, all Aolan people showed strong resilience and indomitable spirit. At the beginning of the year, they quickly resumed work and production in the context of fighting the epidemic to ensure domestic and foreign customer orders. Delivered on time. In the past year, Aolan completed the first phase of employee ...
Time: 2021 - 01 - 27
On the morning of July 22, 2020, the Cangshan CPPCC organized a special coordination meeting for the promotion of the 'Double Hundred Double Thousand' enterprise product promotion in this district. The chief officials of the District Bureau of Commerce, Health Commission, Education Bureau and other relevant departments attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Chen Feng, chairman of the District CPPCC.Chairman Huang Hualing personally attended the meeting and briefly reported to the leaders of Aolan's production and operation in the first half of 2020, and focused on r...
发布时间: 2020 - 07 - 23
On July 8, 2020, Chen Feng, chairman of the Cangshan District Political Consultative Conference, and his entourage visited Aolan. Accompanied by Chairman Huang Hualing and Assistant General Manager Lan Jinsheng, Chairman Chen and his party learned in detail and experienced the cooling performance of the evaporative air cooler produced by Aolan.Afterwards, Chairman Chen Feng and his party held a discussion with President Huang. President Huang said: 'Affected by the epidemic this year, Aolan's export business has been affected to a certain extent, but Aolan actively responded to the gov...
发布时间: 2020 - 07 - 10
Recently, Fuzhou Industry and Information Bureau announced the second batch of 'Fuzhou Famous and Excellent Product Catalog', and Aolan was among them. The catalogue is based on the 'Notice of the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government of the Fuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on Issuing the “Fuzhou’s 'Double Hundred and Double Thousand' Action Plan for Increasing Production and Efficiency” (Rong Committee [2020] No. 21) and the “Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government issued a 'The spirit of 'Notice of Several Measures to Support the Development ...
发布时间: 2020 - 07 - 07
Beginning in May, primary and secondary schools across the country have successively resumed schoo and postponed vacations. How to do well in the prevention and control of campus epidemics and heatstroke prevention and cooling has become a focus of parents and schools.The traditional air conditioner needs to operate in a closed room. Although it can effectively cool the temperature, it cannot meet the demand for window ventilation in epidemic situations.Measured temperature of playground and classroom corridorIndoor temperature after using Aolan classroom special evaporative air coolerAolan...
发布时间: 2020 - 06 - 22
The 127th Canton Fair 'Cloud Opening' Premier Li Keqiang 'Cloud Tour'Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the innovative method of this Canton Fair was changed to be held online, and nearly 26,000 companies at home and abroad participated in the exhibition.On June 15, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, attended the 'Cloud Opening' ceremony of the 127th Canton Fair in Beijing and toured the corporate online exhibition hall. At ten o'clock in the morning, Premi...
发布时间: 2020 - 06 - 15
The Aolan Luoyuan Industrial Park project is located in the Luoyuan Taiwanese Investment Zone in Fuzhou City, and is included in the first batch of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 2018 project-oriented projects and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's list of 2025 major project libraries. The first phase of the project was completed and occupied in early 2019. Aolan carried out the construction of Luoyuan production base in accordance with the high standards of intelligentization and modernization. At the same time, in accordance with the req...
发布时间: 2020 - 06 - 11
Group photoOn June 9, 2020, the artist team organized by the Cangshan District Federation of Trade Unions, led by Xie Chuanhong, the secretary of the trade union party group and executive vice chairman, walked into Aolan to help resume production. These artists are from Cangshan Workers' Painting and Calligraphy Photography Association, Cangshan Photographers Association, Cangshan Yantai Mountain Painting Academy. The calligraphers and painters splashed ink freely, creating a unique piece of work in an instant. The employees of Aolan also cherished this opportunity very much...
发布时间: 2020 - 06 - 09
A textile company in Fujian has four large workshops, each of which has an area of more than 10,000 square meters, and each workshop contains fine sand and winding equipment. The production staff in the four large workshops are scattered. There is a lot fine sand and winding equipment, and are also concentrated. These equipments will produce very large heat and noise, and the smell of textiles in the air is quite heavy, and the oxygen content in the air is also very low, so that the workshop is in a 38-42℃ high temperature and harsh environment for a long time. In the summe...
发布时间: 2020 - 06 - 06
On May 29, 2020, He Huaming, the Chief Engineer of AOLAN, was invited to participate in CAHVAC HVAC Lecture 2 Season 07 Live Broadcast to share innovative application of evaporative cooling technology. This live discussion was chaired by Professor Huang Xiang of Xi’an Engineering University. Mr. He explained in detail the direct evaporative cooling, dew point indirect evaporative cooling, and industry standards and specifications that the industry-related people cares about. He also mainly illustrate the project cases on the subject of the national '13th Five-Year' key r...
发布时间: 2020 - 06 - 05
n order to ensure that Fuzhou’s regional GDP will exceed one trillion yuan in 2020, the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government has issued the Fuzhou “Double Hundred and Double Thousand” Action Plan for Increasing Production and Efficiency. The plan will introduce more targeted and operable policies for benefiting enterprises, staged burden reduction measures and innovative measures from the aspects of market development, factor protection, financial credit support, tax credit, etc.; fully support and help “Double Hundred and Double Thousand' enterprises solve the blockages and diff...
发布时间: 2020 - 06 - 03
The 'Data Center Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning Technical Specifications' co-edited by Aolan was approved by the China Electronics Energy Conservation Technology Association and is scheduled to be officially implemented on May 1, 2020. The standard number is TDZJN 10-2020. The specification takes data center energy saving as an entry point, adopts a maturity research method, and draws on the industry's mainstream methodology to conduct a comprehensive and scientific research on the data center evaporative cooling air conditioning technology. In recent years, the hug...
发布时间: 2020 - 06 - 02
On May 26, 2020, the China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association(CRAA) held an online meeting for the investigation and start-up of the energy-saving transformation project of the 'Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan'. Aolan, as the director of the evaporative cooling air-conditioning work committee, was invited to participate in this meeting.The 'Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan' was jointly issued by the seven ministries and commissions such as the National Development and Reform Commission in June 2019. It is one of the main support p...
发布时间: 2020 - 05 - 29
On May 27, 2020, Vice President Liu Jun of the Fujian Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce visited Aolan for investigation. Chairman Huang Hualing and Assistant General Manager Lan Jinsheng accompanied Chairman Liu Jun to visit the Aolan sample exhibition hall, and introduced Aolan’s situation on epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production. Chairman Liu learned that Aolan is the national standard-setting unit of the evaporative air cooler. When saw the honorary brands such as the national high-tech enterprise, the national profession, pre...
发布时间: 2020 - 05 - 28
On May 8, 2020, the China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association assigned experts to Aolan to conduct CRAA annual supervision and certification audits to verify that Aolan's quality assurance capabilities continue to meet the requirements of the 'CRAA Product Certification Implementation Rules'. As the first batch of CRAA certification audited companies, Aolan has been in a leading position in the domestic evaporative cooling industry. After obtaining the CRAA product certification in 2019, it has been strictly abiding by the 'CRAA Product Certification Impleme...
发布时间: 2020 - 05 - 08
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