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"Into Specialized,Refined,Special ,New Little Giant" Aolan Industry: Embrace the New Era of Digital Empowerment


Specialized,Refined,Special,New"Little Giant" The Digital Rransformation of the Enterprise Empowerment Action Aolan Special Event Ended Successfully

On June 17, 2022, the digital transformation of enterprise empowerment action--Enter the national expert special new little giant "Aolan Industry" event, which was successfully held in Cangshan District. The event attracted more than 30 heads of manufacturing enterprises in Fuzhou to participate.

Under the guidance of the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, this event was hosted by the Provincial SME Service Center, and jointly organized by Aolan (Fujian) Industrial Co., Ltd., Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd., and Huawei (Fuzhou) Artificial Intelligence Incubation Center. Su Aiqin, deputy director of Fujian SME Service Center, and Dai Zhicong, director of Fujian SME Service Enterprise Development Section, attended the meeting. Aolan Vice Chairman Zhou Wangwang, Assistant General Manager Lan Jinsheng, Director Dong Yingling and other leaders attended the meeting.

The event aims to carry out the "Increase Efficiency and Increase Benefit" action in depth, promote the "Benefiting the Enterprise" SME Service Action and SME Service Month Activities, and help accelerate the cultivation of more "specialized, special and new" small giant enterprises and improve competitiveness and innovation.

Party and Enterprises New Space-time • Government Enterprise Through Train

During the activity, the Provincial Small and Medium Enterprise Service Center introduced the platform of "Party-Enterprise New Space-Government-Enterprise Express" , taking the handling of corporate demands and policy services as the entry point, to help enterprises' demands be handled directly and quickly with one click, so that " "Enterprises looking for policies" has become "Policies looking for enterprises".

Many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, still have concerns such as "dare not transform", "will not transform" and "do not know who to find to transform". Therefore, in this event, experts from Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd., a high-quality service organization, and HUAWEI CLOUD related experts attended the event to share successful practices on how manufacturing enterprises carry out "digital transformation and upgrading".And give targeted answers to the ubiquitous digital transformation, which won the praise of enterprises.

Digital Transformation Theme Sharing

Aolan: embrace digitalization and empower a new era

Aolan Lan Jinsheng, the general assistant, shared the theme of <"Embrace Digitalization and Empower the New Era" - Aolan Industrial Management Transformation and Upgrading Road.

Mr. Lan said: "Under the impact of global informatization, Industry 4.0 and other waves, all walks of life are accelerating the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.Aolan aims to become a "single champion" and "supporting expert" with unique skills in the subdivision field.To build a leading brand in the field of global air treatment. Behind this is not only the support of hard power, but also the blessing of soft power such as digitalization, intelligence, and cloud services.

In the era of digital economy, enterprises must use digital technology to build themselves. At present, the company's sales, procurement, warehousing, production, cost, and finance are 100% integrated in business, finance, and cost from the original manual or semi-manual; order, delivery, outbound, invoice, receivable, collection, Credentials can be processed in a single process...Digital technology makes business operations more efficient and promotes business growth.

In January this year, the State Council issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the development of the digital economy, emphasizing that the digital economy has come full circle. Under the wave of digitalization, Aolan Industry, as a "little giant" in the evaporative cooling industry.

In order to continuously build a sustainable manufacturing digital transformation ecosystem, we intensified our efforts in digital transformation, and worked with Kingdee and HUAWEI CLOUD to comprehensively carry out digital transformation.

Mr. Lan said: "Aolan has entered a new stage of transformation and development, so there is an urgent need to change the production and operation management mode, and there is a clear demand for the digital management mode: unified data for the group's internal production, supply, sales, human, financial and material operations. management requires a new software architecture,In order to achieve scientific management of the three major business activities of sales, production and procurement, and to effectively understand the operating conditions of branches and subsidiaries, it can provide a reliable basis for the company's decision-making to formulate development strategies.

Kingdee: Enterprises rely on effective data collection, analysis and processing ,Resilient Growth 

Zheng Shi, a senior consultant of Kingdee group, shared the practical experience of cultivating innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mr. Zheng took everyone to understand the value of digital transformation to enterprises from a macro and micro perspective; focused on the management pain points, difficulties and development trends of the manufacturing industry, from the construction of enterprise technology research and development capabilities, supply chain integration and rapid response, production refinement, Digital and intelligent control, comprehensive quality control and traceability, financial and cost control, Provide new economic growth points for the manufacturing industry and help the manufacturing industry become bigger and stronger.

HUAWEI CLOUD helps "specialized, specialized and new" grow rapidly

Chen Yiquan, Fujian Huawei cloud solution manager, brought Huawei cloud digital transformation technology solutions.

Manager Chen explained why enterprises need digital transformation by analyzing the specialization, specialization, new and new policies, and looking at the development prospects of specialized, specialized, specialized, and new types of enterprises from a multi-faceted perspective from the world to the country;According to the specialized and special new enterprise diagnosis plan, help enterprises to clarify the current problems,Plan the next optimization direction to illustrate how the enterprise will transform.

After the sharing, Zhao Feijun, senior solution architect of Huawei Cloud Conference, introduced the special subsidy policy for enterprises in Cangshan District to use Huawei cloud services, so that everyone can better understand the convenience and economic benefits that the Cangshan District government provides for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Interactive exchanges and visits enhance enterprise cooperation and communication

After the meeting, the organizer also invited participants to interact and exchange, jointly discuss the development direction of the industry and exchange future cooperation plans. Everyone also cherished this opportunity to meet, and the exchange scene was full of voices and happiness.

It is believed that with the assistance of the Cangshan District Government and high-tech companies such as Huawei Cloud and Kingdee, the digital transformation of the participating companies will be smooth.