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Love and Grow Together -- The Symposium for New Employees From January to May 2022 Was Successfully Completed


On May 24, 2022, under the organization of the human resources center, Aolan held a "Symposium for new employees from January to may 2022" The new employees who attended the symposium came from international sales center, evaporative cooling sales center, cooling pad sales center, product center, research and development center, quality  center, operation and manufacturing center, financial department covering most departments of the company.

In the symposium, through a simple ice-breaking game, the participants get to know each other and understand each other,Make the overall meeting atmosphere relaxed and pleasant,

Laid the foundation for the smooth progress of the second half of the meeting.

What was particularly impressive was the sense of belonging of the participants to the company, the recognition of the team atmosphere and the good vision for the company's development and growth.At the same time, practical suggestions for the development and progress of the company are put forward. Xia Ziyu, the Technology Department of the operation center, said,: "Aolan has a very good working atmosphere. Kunfa Li, the department manager, personally taught me hand-in-hand. I feel very grateful to be able to join such a company, and I am very satisfied." Keai Lin, the sales manager of key accounts, said, "I like Aolan very much. Every company has its own problems. It's normal to have problems. As long as we work together to make progress, we can definitely do our work better”.

The time to get together is always short. After everyone expressed their views and suggestions, the symposium came to an end with laughter.

Finally, after answering the questions raised by everyone, Manager Li from human resources center concluded that as an Aolan person, I am not only grateful for the high-quality platform provided by Aolan, but also thanks to everyone's continuous hard work, Aolan will grow and progress together with its employees, but also thank every employee for their hard work. Aolan will cooperate with All employees work together to create a better tomorrow.

At the end of the symposium, the Human Resources Center specially sent a small surprise to all participants.

Pieces of recognition and encouragement written by the department leaders are presented in front of every participant, and each line of recognition and praise from the heart is on the paper. These praises that are usually hard to hear in words are delivered into their hearts at this time. .There is still a long way to go in the future. May we love each other and grow together.